About Us

Murrell Dobbins Career and Technical Education (CTE) High School, named after Murrell Dobbins (1843-1917), is a historic vocational school building located in the West Lehigh neighborhood of North Philadelphia. Guided by industry professionals, Dobbins prepares students for college and career by providing innovative and meaningful career and technical training, which is necessary for life-long learning and marketable credentials for high-wage/high demand careers.

Through rigorous academic and CTE instruction, students in 9th- 12th grade receive training in the following CTE programs: Barbering, Business Technology, Commercial & Advertising Arts (Graphics), Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, and Plumbing Technology. Students in these programs have the opportunity to earn industry credentials and college credits while completing their high school coursework. In our efforts to maintain high standards of excellence, we rely on the support of students, parents, alumni, and the community at large. Excellence is at the forefront of all that we do.

At Dobbins CTE High School we seek daily to carry out the mission of our school, which is to prepare our students for an evolving global marketplace through rigorous CTE instruction. As further indicated by the mission statement, through a student-centered approach we will continue to provide challenging academic and CTE courses that will enable our students to continue their education beyond high school as well as preparing them to directly enter the workforce whichever they choose!

We educate students of varying abilities and backgrounds and believe all students can learn and reach high levels of achievement. Thus, we strive to create a climate of success for all students and endeavor to provide numerous safety nets as we stretch our students to achieve excellence. We further believe that all students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community at large must join in assuming responsibility for students’ success. Efforts are presently underway to increase the level of safety at the school. Parents and students are encouraged to join forces with us as we seek to make Dobbins a safe place for students. There will be no tolerance for fighting, obscene language, vulgar or disrespectful conduct, and use or possession of weapons, drugs, and related paraphernalia. Dobbins CTE HS will be a safe place for learning where students achieve success and prepare for meaningful careers.