Health and Physical Education

Grade Requirements: 9th Grade
Classes meet everyday for 90 minute periods. 
Students will have Health/PE for two semesters.

Activity areas include:
Fitness Testing, Weight Training, Yoga, Basketball, Disc Sports, Fitness Center, Team Sports, & Volleyball.

In Physical Education, we strive to push our students to better themselves Physically, Mentally, & Emotionally!

As young adults, we enocourage our students to engage in learning, grow as individuals & collaborate with their peers!

Through Fitness, Exercise, & Team Sports; the students will be able to improve their overall well-being!

*In order to graduate students must complete 1.5 units of Health and Physical Education.


The physically educated student understands the importance of physical activity and realizes that skills learned in Physical Education are applied to lifelong recreation and activity.

Physically educated students put a high priority on their own personal fitness, education and overall health.


Identify core vocabulary terms for each particular unit displayed through meaning identification assessment taken in class or online where students are expected to know all terms covered in each individual unit.

Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts taught in each portion of the unit as displayed through group activity, periodic mini-evaluations (quizzes) and through summative formal assessment.

Clarify major health concerns in society through directed (prompt) response in written form or through guided discussion participation in class with peers based on specific components of the PA Writing Rubric or through participation and point system for responses and debate contributions during class discussion.

Create and organize information for a variety of projects that allow students to orchestrate a demonstration of their comprehension and understanding in the various health concepts and principles adapted primary for variant learning apart from formal assessment using student choice and freedom of expression as motivators to reaching positive learning goals.